Laminate Flooring offers the same look of real hardwood floors or stone tile at a fraction of the cost. Products are very easy to install, with a high UV resistance to protect from fading, and are extremely low-maintenance. Laminates are manmade offering endless style options and possibilities. Laminates are “click install” jobs and require no glue, staples, or nails.

Laminate flooring is the newest and hottest trend to hit both the commercial and residential flooring industry. It becomes a popular choice for homeowners because of its affordability, durability and a natural look that imitates a more expensive floor.

Types of Laminate Floors

Glueless Laminate Floor
Glueless Laminate Floor makes for quick and easy installs. It comes in both planks and squares. This type of floor has variety of ceramic and wood designs and colorations, and some manufacturers offer a real, hardwood veneer instead of a printed layer.

Underpad Attached Laminate Floor
These laminates come with several different types of tongue and groove locking systems. It also has an attached underlayment to reduce noise levels.

Glued Laminate Floor
Provides a much stronger floor once installed and requires the proper glues to glue the joints together.

Pre-glued Laminate Floor
These are quick and easy-to-install laminates. The glue is already applied to the tongue and grooves, but will probably need to be moistened to activate the glue for a better seal when joining them together.

Advantages of Laminate Flooring

The following are just some of the main benefits of laminate flooring.

  • Ease of Installation
    No more waiting required. You can walk on your floor immediately after installation is complete – no inspection needed.
  • Affordable and Easily Maintained
    Laminate floors are considerably more cost effective, and it provides the realistic look of wood, tile and stone at a lower cost. Laminates can be easily maintained. All it takes is just an ordinary vacuuming or sweeping to keep the surface in prime condition.
  • Incredibly Durable
    The durability factors of laminate floors are incredibly stronger. It’s about fifteen times stronger than hardwood, and with this extra durability they are able to block UV rays and will resist fading.
  • Stain Resistant
    It only requires easy cleaning, since laminate flooring doesn’t trap dirt. Problem spills can be cleaned up with a terry cloth mop or sponge and stains simply wipe off.

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